Here are a few things that have happened since the last time I posted: 1. Rufus managed to eat another pillow from the bed while still inside his crate, and I finally referred to him as “just a dog”, though I quickly took it back and have been feeding him treats out of guilt ever […]

 1. The gentleman Said you would Canon ball this pool party Unless we agreed to be friends. Extend an olive branch By making a threat And find another loophole In life’s formalities. 2. We mess up Each other’s hair Just like monkeys do. If only our nitpicking Worked so well And if only You had […]

I recently set the goal of completing the rough draft of a children’s book by June 2013. Illustrations will compliment works of short prose and poetry on various themes, and I’ll aim to produce a pair a week. The working title is “Here, Now”, subject to change like most things. The illustration above comes from […]

There’s nothing like a rainy Sunday for some creative zen time. The piece I’m currently working on is pen and acrylic on watercolor paper.

My sister Rose and I at the Riverwalk Market Fair in Northfield on Saturday.

Portrait of a Dog as a Young Pup Or, things my dog taught me. Rufus is good company, to be sure, but it turns out there’s a lot more to owning your first dog than meets the eye. And I truly got lucky. Rufus came trained, albeit as a hunting dog that doesn’t understand his […]