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Monday Nightcap: 4 Ditties on Moon-Walking and Evolution

 1. The gentleman Said you would Canon ball this pool party Unless we agreed to be friends. Extend an olive branch By making a threat And find another loophole In life’s formalities. 2. We mess up Each other’s hair Just like monkeys do. If only our nitpicking Worked so well And if only You had […]

Poetry Monday: We Don’t Take Road Trips Anymore

Hear ye, hear ye! I now declare this most treacherous day of the week to be Poetry Monday. What better way to start the week than with a dose of angst and uncertainty followed by a shot of good old fashioned meter and rhyme (though there will be no rhyming today, but that’s pretty typical for a […]

Tied with a Bow

Made for giving.


Listen to your gut. It might sound like a toilet bowl flushing, but it serves a valuable purpose.

exert from “kiss off”.

Bring Whimsy Home

Deja Vu

I’ve been experimenting with different blogging platforms over the last few weeks – an effort to feel more productive while actually wasting time, surfing the web – so here’s hoping this one sticks. Summer is truly on our doorstep now and that means picnics, lazy lake days, and art fairs! Art-a-Whirl is happening this weekend in […]