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A Peek, a Goal, a Year

I recently set the goal of completing the rough draft of a children’s book by June 2013. Illustrations will compliment works of short prose and poetry on various themes, and I’ll aim to produce a pair a week. The working title is “Here, Now”, subject to change like most things. The illustration above comes from […]

Work in Progress: Float On

There’s nothing like a rainy Sunday for some creative zen time. The piece I’m currently working on is pen and acrylic on watercolor paper.

Portrait of a Dog as a Young Pup

Portrait of a Dog as a Young Pup Or, things my dog taught me. Rufus is good company, to be sure, but it turns out there’s a lot more to owning your first dog than meets the eye. And I truly got lucky. Rufus came trained, albeit as a hunting dog that doesn’t understand his […]

Sketchbook Chatter from Twenty Eleven

Sketchbook: Float On

RUFUS and HUGO and the CRAZY dog LADIES: Trails

The End of an Era

I think this illustration of the NASA space shuttle Discovery taking its last trip piggy-back to the Smithsonian would make a clever retirement card. A few days after I finished drawing this piece, another space shuttle named Enterprise made its trip to the Smithsonian piggy-back, effectively making “The end of an era, the start of an enterprise” an interior […]

Opening a Heart Card

Where Joy Meets Melancholy

When I first started drawing with pen last year, I did it to steady my mind. For whatever reason, the rhythm of drawing straight line after straight line kept me riveted. The heart image was one of the first illustrations I completed, using artist markers to add color to the black and white illustration. It was […]