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This Weekend @ a Studio ArTour

Here are a few things that have happened since the last time I posted: 1. Rufus managed to eat another pillow from the bed while still inside his crate, and I finally referred to him as “just a dog”, though I quickly took it back and have been feeding him treats out of guilt ever […]

A Peek, a Goal, a Year

I recently set the goal of completing the rough draft of a children’s book by June 2013. Illustrations will compliment works of short prose and poetry on various themes, and I’ll aim to produce a pair a week. The working title is “Here, Now”, subject to change like most things. The illustration above comes from […]

Opening Day @ Riverwalk

There’s a great synopsis of the day on the Riverwalk Market Fair website. I’ll be back this Saturday, June 9th! Bridge Square, Northfield, MN 9-2 pm

For Dog Lovers Everywhere

For those of you who missed the original release of Rufus and Hugo, I hope you enjoy this humorous look at just how crazy dog lovers can be. Marisa Gustafson, Kellen Roberts, and Leah Ritz star as sane people stuck in a crazy dog-eat-dog world. We made it last fall for MNKINO, a informal gathering of video-makers […]