A Peek, a Goal, a Year

acrylic and pen on watercolor paper, 11 x 14.

I recently set the goal of completing the rough draft of a children’s book by June 2013. Illustrations will compliment works of short prose and poetry on various themes, and I’ll aim to produce a pair a week. The working title is “Here, Now”, subject to change like most things.

The illustration above comes from a sketch called “Float On” and I am working on some haikus to do right by it. Some under consideration:


We see each other

less and less. For five minutes,

we sat together.


I figured since we

hadn’t talked in a while, you’d

let me keep the island.


A girl and her dog

take a boat to see the world

and land beyond it.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

One comment

  1. love it all. every last little detail

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