Portrait of a Dog as a Young Pup

Portrait of a Dog as a Young Pup

Or, things my dog taught me.

Rufus is good company, to be sure, but it turns out there’s a lot more to owning your first dog than meets the eye. And I truly got lucky. Rufus came trained, albeit as a hunting dog that doesn’t understand his new relationship with cats. One trip to obedience class and I realized pretty quick that it was I who had a thing or two to learn.

These are some other things my dog taught me.

  1. There is not much difference between yourself as a child and yourself as you are now when it comes to the impulses that lead to getting a dog.
  2. There are usually consequences to impulsive behavior.
  3. Just like humans, dogs who make a first impression acting on their best behavior eventually relax on their manners and become creatures who fart in public.
  4. Cleaning up poop is always gross.
  5. Not expecting a thank you in response to such a chore is what it means to suck it up.
  6. The desire to squeeze his floppy hound cheeks will last a while.
  7. It is easy to spoil, hard to discipline.
  8. It really is important to remain calm.
  9. There’s nothing like good company.

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