Riverwalk Market Fair – Northfield, MN

I am excited to open the summer art fair season on Saturday, June 2 at the Riverwalk Market Fair in Northfield, MN. The fair is open 9-2 pm Saturdays June-October. My painting “Cocorico” was chosen as the official marketing poster this year and I’ll have the original on display in my art tent. You can also purchase the poster at the official Riverwalk Market Fair tent.

A lot of work goes into the art fair season. I am busy putting my art tent displays together right now. Your booth is, after all, a traveling shop – and that makes an artist a gypsy by nature. You roam about with your junk piled high on your back.

I do hope to forget my tent less this year. Last year, I wasn’t so lucky. First, I forgot the canopy. The next weekend, I forgot the structure. At the Red Hot Art Fair, I forgot the sand bags that weigh it down so the wind doesn’t grab it – and the wind grabbed it and pulled the whole thing over. I was thoughtless to taunt the wind gods. Not to mention lucky nothing got damaged.

I’ve ironed out the wrinkles and expecting this year to go a bit smoother.

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